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Heavy Duty Towing in Silverton TXAt Amarillo Wrecker Service we provide a host of full-service, 24-hour heavy duty towing services to the Silverton TX 79257 area. Light and medium duty vehicles are any vehicle under 26,000 pounds. So if your vehicle is at 26,001 pounds or more, you’ll need our exceptional 24-hour heavy duty towing service. We can provide heavy duty towing, recovery, and winch outs for these types of vehicles to include semi-tractor trailer trucks, under-lift equipment, and bobtails. Our winch outs service vehicles and tow trucks have rotators capable of winching 60,000 pounds per winch and a boom capacity of 60 tons. Our rates are affordable so we won’t break your budget.

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Not just anybody can perform 24-hour heavy duty towing, recovery and winch outs services. In fact, you want to trust only exceptionally trained and experienced professionals to any type of heavy duty towing. Quite simply, there’s just too much at stake to trust to an amateur. At Amarillo Wrecker Service, we provide the best 24-hour heavy duty towing services to the Amarillo, Texas area. Each of our professional heavy duty towing technicians are highly skilled, expertly trained on our state-of-the-art and more than capable equipment and tow trucks, and state licensed and certified. We promise to safely get your heavy duty vehicle back on the road or safely to where it needs to go.

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With exceptionally skilled technicians to handle Amarillo Wrecker Service’s 24-hour heavy duty towing services, the best equipment and tow trucks available and affordable rates, if you need heavy duty towing, recovery, or winch out services in the Amarillo, Texas area, we’re here to help. Call us today at (806) 666-6965, you’ll be glad you did.

More About Heavy Duty Towing

Ways To Engage Safely In Heavy-Duty Towing

Light duty, medium duty or heavy duty towing is typically a risky affair with tremendous responsibility.

The occupational risks involved are even higher, proportionate to the towing problem. The towing concern refers to the load or weight that needs hauling.

What this generally means is, the heavier your load, the more danger involved and vice versa. As the name insinuates, Silverton heavy duty towing refers to hauling a considerably hefty load such as buses, trailers, trucks, etc.

Staying Safe

A lot of training goes into training tow truck staff. And naturally, the higher the danger, the higher the focus placed to safety.

As a tow truck driver, before trying to participate in heavy duty towing it is imperative that you assess the job at hand to determine your next step of action along with the risks involved.

Staying alert, asking for help and periodically examining your safety list are a few ways in which you can keep yourself and others safe.

Even when you are incredibly skilled, have adequate equipment in ideal working condition, accidents can still happen. As a tow truck driver being accountable and acknowledging the risks of the task is a terrific way to stay safe.

Occupational Hazards

Regardless of the job, there are always occupational hazards. They can be both preventable and unavoidable depending upon how invested a tow truck driver is in their job.

Traffic and bad weather conditions are good examples of unavoidable occupational hazards. Regardless of the condition of these two factors, if there is a need, heavy-duty towing will have to occur.

Silverton Heavy-Duty Tow ServiceThink of a pileup that results in a massive traffic jam on a major road happens, everything else ends up being irrelevant, and a driver’s only concern is how soon they can get moving again.

Exhaustion, though preventable is still a threat that occurs. As a tow truck driver, making sure that you get enough rest is necessary. It is challenging to navigate a stalled vehicle, let alone one that weighs tons.

Extra Safety Precautions for Heavy Duty Towing

ensure that you have the right equipment for heavy duty towing in Silverton. Even the smallest detail is enough to change the course of action or chain of events. The right equipment consists of even your safety gear such as your gloves.

Avoid overloading weights. Inspect and verify both vehicle weights in addition to the weight limitation of the payload being towed.

If the recovery is being performed in the presence of a crowd, ensure that the bystanders are at a safe distance and out of harm’s way.

Before you start towing, ensure that proper warning labels/signage has been put up. Have fixed communication signals that can be utilized throughout the process.

Appreciating guidelines and policies while on the road is just the start and the most basic steps to remaining safe while on the road.

This is true for both tow truckers and normal motorists in Silverton TX. In case you witness any violations that could result in harm, keep your distance and report to the necessary authorities. Remember a qualified tow truck is always the very best choice.

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Silverton is a city in Briscoe County, Texas with a total population of approximately 1,067. Silverton, which uses the 806 area code, is located at 34.53028, -101.232 at an elevation of 3,278 feet. There are over 452 households and on average there are 2.36 people in each household with a median age of 46.2. The average income in the area is $44,625 and the average home value is $62,800.
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