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Tow Truck in Lefors TXBeing stranded if your vehicle breaks down can be an extremely anxious situation, to say the least. At Amarillo Wrecker Service, we understand that and are ready and able to assist with the best 24-hour towing service lead by the best tow trucks in the Lefors TX 79054 area. Exceptional equipment — to include state-of-the-art tow trucks — are a staple of our business and we have the type of tow trucks for any type of 24-hour towing and recovery contingencies. We can tow any vehicle from motorcycles, cars, and trucks, to heavy-duty vehicles and equipment. So if you are stranded, take a deep breath, relax, then give us a call because we are here to help.

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The quicker you and your stranded vehicle get off the road the better. And our professional 24-hour towing service professionals will quickly arrive on the scene, and get you and your vehicle to safety as soon as possible. Each of our staff members is highly skilled, trained, and licensed and operate our different types of tow trucks exceptionally well. Our tow trucks are the efficient and capable of towing and recovering any type of vehicle — regardless of size — from a simple tow to winch outs. So don’t fret and let us help get you back on the road or safely back home.

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There’s no better feeling after you and your vehicle have become stranded than to see the arrival of the tow truck from Amarillo Wrecker Service. That means you’ll be back on the road or you and your vehicle will get back home as quickly as possible. If you find yourself in need of a tow truck in the Lefors area call us now at (806) 666-6965, we’re here to help.

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Different Tow Truck Categories on the Market

There has been a time when we all required towing services. Whether we did it ourselves or solicited the help of a towing company is a subject that can be gone over later on.

While there are many types of vehicles as well as more methods for towing, most private and commercially-owned tow trucks fall into these 3 primary categories depending upon their usage or area of application.

Integrated Tow Trucks

Also known as self-loader, the integrated tow truck is the latest advancement in tow truck technology. They are highly specialized trucks, typically used for situational recoveries that are heavy duty.

This is since they have an arm called the stinger that is embedded into the core of the truck to help with the process of lifting the payload off the ground. In addition there are extra axles that supplement their stability and strength. Deployed with hydraulic power, the Lefors tow truck driver controls the flatbed from inside the truck to move the stinger or incline the ramp like a bed.

It is also possible to turn the bed to the side of the truck but only in extreme cases. Because of their power, they are used to tow buses, rigs, and other heavy vehicles.

Flatbed Tow Trucks

Also referred to as the slide or rollback trucks, flatbed tow trucks are commonly used in towing because of their adaptability. They get their names from the long empty bed with a flat top that can be inclined to look like a ramp.

The payload or vehicle being towed is either raised off the ground or driven onto the ramp where it is secured utilizing belts or chains.

Lefors Towing TrucksAmong the safest ways to tow vehicles in Lefors, flatbed tow trucks are preferred for the sheer reason that there is no damage on your car that takes place during towing as the car literally just rests on the bed. It is not uncommon to encounter this tow truck style near accident scenes or towing vehicles involved in an accident.

Wheel Lift Tow Truck

Wheel lift tow trucks are the most common design of tow trucks in Lefors TX which would explain why they are affordable.

Equipped with a metal yoke that is placed under the front or rear wheels of the payload vehicle, the wheel lift tow truck works by pulling the raised payload.

The applied hydraulics raise the load off the ground and pull it away. It is also less strenuous on the car being towed which means less damage. They are used to tow broken down cars.

You have probably witnessed automobiles being towed various times, but it is only until your car breaks down that you understand, tow trucks come in many varieties depending on the type of work they need to do.

Light, medium or heavy duty, there is a tow truck for every occasion. Should there come a time when you require the services of a tow truck, it helps to know which tow truck can carry your car without causing damage.

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Lefors is a city in Gray County, Texas with a total population of approximately 594. Lefors, which uses the 806 area code, is located at 35.45475, -100.761 at an elevation of 3,236 feet. There are over 256 households and on average there are 2.32 people in each household with a median age of 45. The average income in the area is $46,250 and the average home value is $29,400.
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